2025 Corvette SWEEPSTAKES

Win a 2025 Corvette from America’s Homeless Veterans!



Win a 2025 Corvette
from America's Homeless Veterans!



You get one entry per $25 donation, there is no limit to the times you may donate.

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Your $25 donation to America’s Homeless Veterans not only helps our country’s unhoused Veterans but also secures your sweepstakes entry for a fully optioned Chevrolet Corvette.


Grand Prize Name:  2025 Chevrolet Corvette

Introducing the grand prize in the "Save a Vet, Win a Vette" Sweepstakes: the exhilarating 2025 Chevrolet Corvette!


This prize isn't just an opportunity to own a piece of American automotive excellence; it's a chance to contribute to a heartwarming cause—supporting our nation’s homeless veterans. By entering this sweepstakes, you not only get a shot at winning a marvel of engineering but also help provide essential services to veterans in need.


Key Highlights of the 2025 Chevrolet Corvette:


Striking Design: The 2025 Corvette stuns with its aerodynamic silhouette, aggressive stance, and the signature elegance of its mid-engine layout. Its appearance commands attention on every road and at every corner, turning heads with its blend of modern sports car aesthetics and classic charm.


Powerful Performance: At the heart of the Corvette is a potent V8 engine, designed for breathtaking acceleration and thrilling top speeds. The precise handling and advanced suspension systems make it a joy to drive, whether you're cruising on the highway or taking on winding roads.


Luxurious Interior: Step inside to a cockpit that’s both luxurious and driver-focused. High-quality materials, cutting-edge technology, and thoughtful ergonomic design ensure every drive is comfortable and connected.


Advanced Technology: Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the Corvette offers a digital dashboard, seamless connectivity features, and a comprehensive suite of safety and driver-assistance systems, ensuring a ride that's as safe as it is enjoyable.


Exclusivity and Prestige: Owning a 2025 Corvette means joining an exclusive club of enthusiasts and aficionados who appreciate the rich heritage and exhilarating future of this iconic sports car.


By participating in the "Save a Vet, Win a Vette" sweepstakes, you're not just aiming to win a car; you're standing in solidarity with veterans who have served and sacrificed for our country. Each ticket purchased moves us closer to ending homelessness among veterans, providing them with housing, healthcare, job training, and the respect they deserve.


So, rev your engines for a good cause and seize this chance to make a real difference—and possibly drive away in a brand new 2025 Corvette!


Minimum to Award Prizes (optional):  $160,000

Minimum total donations required to award the prize.  If the minimum is not met, we will split the net proceeds (amount donated minus campaign expenses) on a 50/50 basis with the winner.

Grand Prize Cash Option (optional):  $85,000

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Dates and Addresses

Sweepstakes Dates

Sweepstakes campaign start date:  May 01, 2024

Sweepstakes campaign close date: December 31, 2025 time: 7:00 P.M. Pacific Time

Draw winning ticket(s) date: January 01, 2026 time: 8:00 P.M. Pacific Time

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Address for receiving mail-in entries

Name: America’s Homeless Veterans

Address:  PO BOX 737

City: Penryn

State: CA

Zip:  95663