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Raphael's Journey To Empowerment.

Raphael had reached a breaking point in his life, realizing that his attempts to break free from the cycle of addiction had been in vain. The familiar pattern of seeking detox, experiencing withdrawal, and then relapsing had taken its toll on him. This time, however, he was determined to make a real change. As he arrived at the detox center once again, Raphael contemplated the idea that perhaps detox alone was not enough. He needed something more comprehensive—treatment.   Read More....



Please join us in thanking our Veterans for their service by supporting these programs


We are Veterans helping Veterans transition from the street to permanent housing. We offer resources to meet medical needs, both physical and mental as well as referrals to other community programs.

All of the programs use Veterans as a primary workforce and the products we use are made in the USA, with the primary mission of providing the support to obtain and sustain housing, food and services for our returning Veterans. When you participate you put a Veteran to work, help to feed a family and put a roof over their head.